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2008-12-01 11:15:33 by Crapmonster789

ok here i go....

i know im not as good as some of those people on newgrounds... like egoraptor/blockhead series/ and especially tankmen.. but im going to get better. just look at Egoraptor and the block heads first episode. They all started out shitty and they got better, and now their all famous so just wait for me


hey everyone

2008-11-29 11:51:02 by Crapmonster789

I made a Newgrounds account... umm this is not the first time i found out about newgrounds.... i must say its pretty F***in cool =D and i like it

better then youtube in my opinion just because i like watching animations. Anyways enjoys my stule of humour and yea enjoy

WATCH MY VIDEOS!!! or i'll destroy your loved ones >:(

hey everyone